desl shok fuel additive


While cleaner burning than previous formulations, ULSD (ultra-low-sulfur diesel) fuels offer less lubricity and can increase the likelihood of water contamination up to 10%. Desl-Shok™ from USA Fuel Service is the easy way to increase fuel economy, extend component service life, and reduce hard starting and engine downtime.

Desl-Shok eliminates condensation and dissolves sludge in the fuel tank—reported to be the root cause of over 70% of engine failures. The broad-spectrum formula cleans injectors, carburetors and fuel lines to promote a cleaner burn that, in turn, reduces carbon build-up in the motor and exhaust. It also decreases smoke and engine noise.

Regular use of Desl-Shok stabilizes and boosts cetane levels and acts as a lubricant throughout the fuel system. This is especially important in areas where temperatures drop.

The unique formula contains no acids or alcohol, so it won’t harm gaskets, hoses, seals and other components. Plus, using it will not affect warranties of two- and four-stroke diesel engines.

USA Fuel Service Desl-Shok comes in three convenient sizes. The 8 oz. container treats 80 gal. of diesel fuel and costs $18.85; 32 oz. doses 320 gal. and runs $47.20; and 1 gal. treats 1,280 gal. of fuel and is $139.60.

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