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USA Fuel Service Expands Distribution Opportunities

USA Fuel Service, a leader in on-site marine and RV tank cleaning and polishing, has opened select prime markets for new distribution partners after experiencing 700% growth over the past four years. In addition to the mobile service business, the company also offers opportunities with its fast-growing brand of USA Fuel Service premium additives.

Since 2007, USA Fuel Service has been an innovator in the gasoline and diesel fuel polishing field. The state-of-the-art mobile system dissolves sludge while it removes water and deposits in tanks and lines. This improves octane and cetane levels for noticeably improved engine performance—and satisfied customers.

USA Fuel Service manufactures its polishing systems in the USA. Because they’ll fit in a trailer or truck bed, a distributorship has virtually unlimited growth potential. Supporting its representatives in the field, USA Fuel Service offers a full range of fuel testing by certified independent laboratories.

Another benefit of becoming a USA Fuel Service distributor is discounted pricing on the company’s line of additives. Gas-Shok, Desl-Shok and Water-Rid can be sold as add-ons during service or as quantity stock to local chandleries and retailers.

Like any service business in a market with little competition, a USA Fuel Service distributorship can become profitable quickly. This is especially true now with recent participation surges in the boat and RV sectors. Mobile services that come directly to the customer have likewise seen substantial growth in recent years across many market segments.

While the individual vessel or vehicle owner is often the customer, some USA Fuel Service operations have served marinas for 13 years. Plus, there are growing opportunities in generator, agricultural, transportation and industrial markets for ongoing service programs. This broad customer base makes a turn-key USA Fuel Service distributorship easy to get up and running.

“As a family-owned company, we understand the challenges of launching a business,” said Jim Jolivette, USA Fuel Service owner. “We establish new relationships with all the elements for success, from equipment and training to ongoing field support, and even financing in some cases.

“Our proven system is reflected in distributor and dealer success stories throughout the country, some spanning 13 years now. Plus, our robust marketing and PR programs provide industry and consumer awareness.” Those interested in USA Fuel Service distributor or dealer opportunities should contact Jim Jolivette at 941-456-9629 or visit www.usafuelservice.com.

Contact USA Fuel Service, W 15223 Kelly Rd., Taylor, WI 54659. 866-575-3835. www.usafuelservice.com.


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