Tank Cleaning & Fuel Polishing – North East

What we do to clean fuel tanks and polish fuel!

First we take out the sending unit to gain access to bottom tank. putting a wand to the bottom of the tank. We then draw fuel , pull most of water out into a 55 gal drum. When we have the majority of the water, we then start cycling fuel back thru a fill port. The fuel is then ran through a 5 micron down to a .5 micron, bag filter then is past through two racor filters, which are 2 micron. The fuel is generally ran one tank capacity, at that point we add our tank cleaner & water sorb. Then we polish until it’s crystal clear!

Why polish?

Polishing removes water, dissolves sludge, improves octane/cetane, cleans deposits in tank & fuel system.  Our products are petroleum based product which does not attack hoses & gaskets, prevents down time.  Polishing fuel & tank cleaning is a inexpensive maintenance procedure verses, expenses motor repair.