How “GAS-SHOK” Works

Gas Shok“GAS-SHOK” is a premium grade multi-function fuel additive for use in 2 & 4 stroke engines using regular gasoline or ethanol blended gasolines. (E-10, 15 or 20)

It provides the highest level of protection to reduce or eliminate condensation build-up in fuel tanks which is reported to be the root cause of over 70% of engine failures. It keeps injectors, carbs and fuel lines clean and promotes a cleaner burning fuel which reduces carbon build-up in engines and exhaust systems.

GAS-SHOK’S broad spectrum formula delivers the full range of protection you need including a water-dispersant, stabilizer, lubricant, cleaner and combustion enhancer. It provides everything needed to keep your boat, auto, truck, motorcycle, RV, generator or lawn equipment starting easily and running smoothly.


  • Controls and disperses water in fuel tanks/systems
  • Protects rubber/plastic seals and gaskets from ethanol damage.
  • Restores lost fuel economy due to carbon fouled rings, valves and injectors.
  • Stabilizes all gasolines including ethanol blends.
  • Adds lubrication to extend fuel pump and injector life.

See our “Tech Tips” page with more detailed information about fuel additives.